Cochrane Park in Newcastle upon Tyne was buzzing with excitement on May 31st as it hosted an exhilarating Walking Football tournament. This Erasmus+ co-funded event brought together 16 clubs, consisting of 18 teams from 8 European countries and saw a total of 142 goals scored. The tournament, hosted by the Newcastle United Foundation, was a testament to the popularity and growth of Walking Football. This modified version of the sport allows older adults to continue playing while minimizing the risk of injury. With players keeping at least one foot on the ground at all times, the game maintains its competitive spirit at a slower pace.

On the eve of the tournament, both the football players and organizers gathered at the home of Newcastle United, St James Park stadium, for a delightful dinner, fostering a strong sense of unity among themselves. Following the tournament, a second dinner, as well as a bingo game, was arranged at the stadium, providing everyone with a chance to relish the experience once again.

Congratulations to Newcastle for their victorious performance in the tournament, their triumph showcased their skill, teamwork, and determination, adding another accomplishment to the city’s rich footballing history just after qualifying for the Champions League next season. However, it’s important to recognize the fierce competition from other talented teams. Schalke demonstrated their formidable skills, securing a well-deserved second place, while Morton displayed exceptional sportsmanship to clinch third place. Glasgow Rangers won the fair-play award highlighting their exemplary conduct on and off the pitch.

A special thanks goes to the seven referees whose commitment ensured fair play throughout the tournament. Their dedication and impartiality allowed the teams to compete on a level playing field, creating an atmosphere of integrity and respect.

We must also express gratitude to the Newcastle United Foundation for hosting this remarkable event. Their efforts in organizing and supporting the tournament provided a platform for players to showcase their passion for the game while promoting inclusivity and physical well-being among older adults.

Congratulations once again to Newcastle for their outstanding performance, and applause to all the participating teams for their dedication and skill. This tournament serves as an inspiration to both current and future players, ensuring that Walking Football continues to grow in popularity and provide enjoyable sporting experiences for all. We hope to see you all in Madrid on the 21st of September for the next Walking Football tournament.

Find out below the official ranking for this tournament:

  1. Newcastle I
  2. Schalke 04
  3. Morton
  4. Real Betis
  5. Benfica
  6. Motherwell II
  7. Glasgow Life
  8. Ferencvaros
  9. Newcastle II
  10. Chelsea
  11. Bayer 04
  12. Frankfurt
  13. Bohemians
  14. Motherwell I
  15. Foundation 92
  16. Burnley
  17. Rangers
  18. Valerenga

Walking Football League Project

The European Walking  Football League is a tournament, initiated by EFDN and Partners that brings community-engaged football clubs in order to deliver a program that increases physical activity levels and improves social cohesion and inclusion for people aged 50 and more. In addition, the Walking Football League gives an opportunity to players to lead a physically and socially-active lifestyle in their European communities. One of the main goals of this project is to further develop Walking Football as a sustainable sport in Europe and raise the profile of the game. 

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